Hawk Valley Productions


Hawk Valley Productions is the project of Cumbrian based digital videographer and photographer, Jem Freiesleben.

Founded with school friends in Ninebanks, Northumberland, Hawk Valley Productions has been the title for Jem’s film projects since 2010. Over the years the productions have encompassed many genres from drama to documentary.

Working with friends and frequent collaborators Crispin Agar and Elliott Wallis, Hawk Valley Productions had productions screened in Bradford and Manchester as part of the Co-Operative Film Festival (2011 & 2012).

More recently, Jem has been commissioned by Cumbrian Artist Irene Rogan to document aspects of her arts-council funded Moving Mountains project (2018/19), and to collaborate in her Water Stone Light project (2019/20) with an exhibition of Photography and Video, hosted in Millom, Cumbria.


The Temporary Nature of Human Structures, 2019


Jem Freiesleben

Jem Freiesleben founded Hawk Valley Productions in 2010, to create short films with friends, partially to pursue their combined interest in the hobby, and also for entry into festivals and competitions. Jem has had a keen interest in film from an early age and has been largely self-taught in directing and editing.

Jem is now based in Millom (South West Cumbria), following graduation from the University of York with a BEng Degree in electronics engineering in 2016.

Crispin Agar

Crispin Agar is the longest serving Hawk Valley Productions collaborator, having joined the group for our first ever production ‘Seven Stones’ with George Cooper. Crispin wrote and starred in 'Scarecrow', which was screened at the AMC Cinema in Manchester as part of the Co-Operative Film Festival.

Crispin is currently living in Manchester whilst studying for a PhD in Physics at the University of Manchester.